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MythTV themes

I’ve been using MythTV for many years now. During the years I’ve constantly been looking for new good themes. Unfortunately it seems that MythTV themes can be divided into two separate categories:

  1. Usable
  2. Good looking

I would like to have something that fits into both categories, but with a priority on usability! I had hoped that the new themes (Graphite, Arclight, Blue Abstract Theme) would solve this issue, but apparently not :-(

Right now I’m using MythBuntu, which is pretty good, but I’m getting bored with it. I would love to switch to the Blue Abstract Theme, but it still has issues. One example is that the video listings screen only can show 6 entries per screen, as compared to MythBuntu which can show 10. This may not sound like much but makes a huge difference when you are scrolling through a bit more videos.

I have also tried to modify the themes to get more to fit the screen, but that is a never-ending project as the changes need to be applied every time the themes are updated.

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