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Using your Logitech Harmony remote control with MythTV

January 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I use the Logitech Harmony One with MythTV. Before that, I used the Logitech Harmony 525 for a few years.

The tricky part with setting up a Logitech remote for MythTV is that both the remote and the receiver are programmable! This means that there’s no default remote control keycodes that you can follow.

So basically, you’ll have to select an arbitrary device profile for your Logitech remote and hope that as many buttons as possible are mapped on that device profile. If some buttons are not mapped to a remote control keycode, it means that you can’t use those buttons! This is really stupidly done by Logitech, I e-mailed them asking if there is some device profile that you can use when dealing with programmable infrared receivers, but the helpdesk didn’t have ANY clue what I was talking about. You may not either, unless you have been there :)

I’ve found WINTV-PVR-350 to be the best Logitech device profile because it provides a relatively big number of key mappings. It would be so easy for Logitech to just provider a device profile with all possible buttons mapped to some keycode. Please let me know if you’ve found a better device profile!

UPDATE: After a second attempt to explain my issue to Logitech’s helpdesk, I finally got through enough lines of support to get to someone that understood my problem. They’ve now added 45 additional button mappings to my WINTV-PVR-350 profile! So now I should be able to have as many buttons mapped as I like.

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